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Greenfield is a state & national leader in climate action, and saving $$ while doing it!

We were the 1st Community designated as a Green Community in Massachusetts! In 2014 we adopted Sustainable Greenfield, our Master Plan. As of 2017 we all have Green electricity through Greenfield Light & Power, we have many zero-net-energy or near-zero-net-energy buildings, and we are saving over $500,000/year on our utility bills! But our municipal energy use is only 2% of all the energy we use, so think of all the things we can do and the benefits!

Taking personal action can be FUN and satisfying! Greening Greenfield offers lots of information, about things that you can do on your own to help create a more sustainable future!

Following are some ideas of how to get started:

Sign up to receive our event announcents, monthly meeting announcements, or join our discussion listserv. Please also consider volunteering your time and working with us on Greening Greenfield. click here to let us know your interests.

YOUR HOME: Take the Greenfield 10% Challenge and join the hundreds of households that have pledged to cut their energy use by 10%. While this campaign was created in 2010, our list of no-cost low-cost things you can do not out of date! Check out our list of Easy Things You Can Do. 

BIG things -Your Home or Car: Typically, a person who owns a car emits about half of their direct greenhouse gas emissions using their car, and the other half by heating and lighting their home. With some effort, most people can cut their emissions in half.

- CAR: Find the most fuel efficient car for your needs. Check out cars built over the last 20 years including hybrids and electrics at EPA/DOE web site.

- HOME: Learn about installing solar, finding $ to do major upgrade for your home, and getting green electricity here

- APPLIANCES: Not all refrigerators, washing machines and more are the same! Google "Energy Efficient" appliances for shopping tips as well as lists of appliances for sale!

Take LEGISLATIVE ACTION! Click for list of our state and federal representatives and what we are doing.

Learn about people who are inspiring us in our communit! Green Heroes

Learn about sustainability in GreenfieldLearn about our enegy use, and our progress toward our goals.To learn aboutthe many organizations working on our issues (click on the "assessing our options" and then choose food, etc.), 

Learn about and support Greenfield Businesses that have taken the 10% Challenge


Two Exciting opportunities to Get Solar Energy Credits, save $$, and be part of a Community Solar project!!

Would you like to support solar power, but cannot install panels on your roof because you are a renter, your house faces the wrong way, you have a big tree in front of your house or have a slate roof? Community solar gives you the get the benefits of solar without having solar panels on your house.

1. Relay Power is looking for people to participate in a community solar farm on the grounds of Hancock Shaker Village. It does not cost anything to join. Your bill will still be from Eversource, but you will pay less for electricity! There are only about 50 openings available and they will be served on a first come first serve basis. Go to http://relaypower.referralrock.com/l/D656F912/

A representative will contact you with more information.

The basics:

  • The benefits are open to renters and homeowners served by Eversource

  • The community solar farm is in Hancock, MA, on the grounds of the Shaker Village

  • There is no upfront cost or fees to join

  • You will receive a 10% discount on your electricity

  • Greening Greenfield will receive a small donation for each home that participates

2. Co-op Power is offering Community-Shared Solar through an ownership model. As with the Relay Power offering, you will receive an Eversource bill. The sign-up is more complicated, and the cash flow is different. Instead of receiving a fixed rebate of 10% on your electric bill, after 7 years or so, the electricity that your solar panels provide would be free! Coop Power is developing a number of small local community shared solar projects. To learn more, go to http://www.cooppower.coop/cos/
The basics:

  • The benefits are open to renters and homeowners.

  • There is a state supported loan program that offers rebates and allows you to get involved with no upfront costs. You pay back the loan through your solar savings.

  • You will own the panels after about 7 years and after that the electricity generated by your panels will be free.

  • You will own the panels and will be able to sell them to someone else if you choose.

Note to Greenfield Residents:

If you live in Greenfield, you already receive green electricity through Greenfield Light & Power, (unless you have opted out,) but much of our electricity comes from far away – wind farms in Texas, or hydro from Maine. Getting involved in a Community-Shared Solar project helps build more green electricity LOCALLY!

Greening Greenfield will let you know about other opportunities to join Community-Shared Solar projects as they arise.



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