Landscape Interactions

  • Biodiversity through pollination science;
  • Specialists in designing landscapes and planning corridors that build biodiversity and strengthen ecological resilience to a changing climate at the ecosystems level.

National Wildlife Federation Native Plant Finder

  • Find native plants, ranked by the number of butterfly and moth species that use them as host plants for their caterpillars for your zip code.
  • Based on the scientific research of Dr. Doug Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home.

Native Plant Trust (formerly New England Wildflower Society) 

  • Native plants for sale at Nasami Farm in Whately
  • Pollinate NE:  online tool - right plant for the right place
  • Go Botany!:  online tool for plant identification
  • Workshops, events and online webinars

North American Butterfly Association

  • Create a certified butterfly habitat
  • Citizen science

Northeast Organic Farming Assn, Massachusetts

  • Summer and winter conferences, workshops and online webinars
  • Soil Technical Assistance Program for balancing soil nutrients

Pollinator Partnership

  • Plant guides for our regions
  • Million Pollinator Challenge

United Nations Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)

Xerces Society

  • Fact Sheets, books & articles
  • Identification & monitoring guides

Western Massachusetts Master Gardener Association

  • Workshops & annual symposia
  • "Ask a Master Gardener" hotline via phone & e-mail
  • Biennial Master Gardener training course

Western Massachusetts Pollinator Networks

  • Greening Greenfield's Planting for Pollinators! Campaign is part of WMPN
  • Event listings, resources, local clean plant sources, links to other towns
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