Our Goals:

a.  Raise awareness of the biodiversity and climate crisis and its solutions.

b.  Engage people in hands-on activities to create and maintain native pollinator areas.

c.  We have a vision of pollinator plants everywhere!

d.  Support other pollinator efforts that exist in Greenfield and beyond, and pollinator-related legislation.

e.  Beautify Greenfield and improve community and quality of life.


Why Pollinators?  Why Now?

Our highest priority is to address the climate and biodiversity crisis and to inspire and  empower people to act. By promoting the building of pollinator gardens, we are supporting insects and other wildlife (biodiversity overall), and removing climate change emissions from our environment.

Dr. Jeffrey Glassberg, president and founder of the North American Butterfly Association says that “ butterflies are like the canary in the coal mine when it comes to our ecosystem. A healthy butterfly population speaks volumes for the overall health of the local environment.” In fact, if insect populations collapsed, life as we know it would not exist.

Locally there are also many volunteer gardening groups working in Greenfield to beautify and expand pollinator corridors. Ongoing projects include Greenfield’s Energy Park and the John Zon Community Center, as well as many people who are creating pollinator habitat in their own backyards! Please join the effort!

Greening Greenfield’s Planting for Pollinators! campaign is a member of the Western Massachusetts Pollinators Networks. https://www.wmassbees.org


Other Useful links:

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