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June 2012 - Dan Finn


Daniel Finn, tall person in the center, celebrates with Pioneer Valley Local First friends as Northampton becomes a 'Buy Local, Buy Fair' town.

February 2012 - Mary McClintock

Connecting the Dots

Mary McClintock lives in Conway, but spends a lot of time on Greenfield’s Town Common.  You can find her there every Saturday morning holding signs for the weekly Peace Vigil or among the farmers and customers at the Farmer’s Market, or at the annual Free Harvest Supper, wearing an apron that proudly claims ”Peace Begins When The Hungry Are Fed”.

She is one of Greenfield’s local Food Gurus.  She supports local farmers who raise food, offers advice on how to cook it, and advocates for a good local food community and ethic in this fertile valley.  Got a backyard full of dirt?  Mary will help you turn it into a flourishing garden saving you steps to the market. Feeling alienated from others or lonely?  Mary will invite you through her “Savoring the Seasons” column in The Recorder to attend community events where you can be fed, meet and join your neighbors, and return to a sense of belonging to a vibrant local “family”.

January 2012 - Jen Stromsten & David B Rock


Last month, David Brock, and Jen Stromsten had solar electric panels, also known as photovoltaics or PV for short, installed on their home. When we arrived at their home to learn about their experience, David greeted us and said “We’ve only spent $60 so far.” And we responded – “How can that be? Please tell us how you did this!”