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August 2010


A Tale of Backyard Chicken Farmers

August Green Heroes master urban backyard chicken farming. Two families in Greenfield, the Millers and the Peters, show us how to have healthy fun with this family project.

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September 2010

Biking to Work/School

Greening Greenfield’s Hero of the month goes to 15 GCC students and employees who commuted to the college by bike riding in a special Bike-To-GCC week last May.

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October 2010 - Mary Siano

Mary Siano


“I walk for exercise, solitude, peace, and to get out of my car and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!” says Mary Siano. I also like to walk downtown, and connect with my neighbors. Mary walks at least 90 minutes each day.

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December 2010 - Mary Walsh-Martel

greenherodec2010smallBuy Local
Relocalization has become a buzz word for fostering local economies, community resilience and sustainability.  Mary Walsh-Martel’s efforts to encourage us all to shop locally won her Greening Greenfield’s December Green Hero designation.

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January 2010 – All Souls Church


We honor the way All Souls members are living out their seventh sacred principle of Unitarian Universalism: “We covenant to live with respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”

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February 2010 – Mark and Barbara Zaccheo

Zaccheo_smLandlords Can Save Energy Too

When Mark and Barbara Zaccheo bought the 5-story landmark 1930’s Reed Building on Franklin Street in Greenfield 3 1/2 years ago, it already possessed the first of many energy-saving features that they would later add.

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March 2010 – Andy Grant

Grant_smWorms Eat His Garbage

Greening Greenfield’s “Green Hero” of the month, Andy Grant, became interested in worms from reading Mary Appelhof’s book, Worms Eat My Garbage.

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Think Global, Act Local EarthThrives tells the story of what is Green, Sustainable and Local for the Pioneer Valley, MA!