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0-Energy home tour - Habitat for Humanity

ggec-logo-60Thurs, July 5, 4:30 & 6pm Tours. Visit an affordable 0-Energy home, and meet the people who made it possible. Free. Registrtion required. More, click on title. 

To register: Tell us which Tour you want: 4:30 or 6pm

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or call: 413-774-5667

directions will be sent upon registration 



Built by: Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity volunteers

Designed by: Austin Design Inc

Solar panels donated by: PV Squared Solar

Energy Rating by: Power House Energy Consulting


“We wanted people to be able to see an affordable Zero-Energy home, and talk with the people who made it possible” said Nancy Hazard, of Greening Greenfield. “This is the way we need to build new homes, so they are affordable, and so that we can stop using fossil fuels and move toward a 100% renewable energy future, which will slow down global warming and the climate crisis. This approach will also support Greenfield’s recent commitment to 100% renewable energy and a fossil-fuel-free future.”

“For Habitat for Humanity, building a 0-Energy home was a no brainer,” said Megan McDonough, director of Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity. “Our goal is to make homeownership affordable to lower-income families, and if we can build a home that can net near zero monthly utility bills, that is a huge plus!” Monthly payments on this home, including mortgages, taxes, insurance and utilities are predicted to be less that $1,000/month.

 McDonough understands the benefits of near 0-energy living. She lives in a near 0-energy home, which was built by Rural Development Inc, to test out design concepts for Greenfield’s Solar Village. Austin Design Inc, who designed her home, are also the architects for this new Greenfield home. To help keep the home affordable, they donated their time, as did Power House Energy Consulting, and PV Squared Solar donated the solar panels. Additionally, the homeowner and many others donated many hours of their time to build the home.

 During the 45-minute Tour, attendees will gather in the one-story 2-bedroom home for a short orientation, and then break into smaller groups to visit with the architect, Home Energy Rater, and solar installer. After the formal tour there will be lots of time to ask questions of the tour guides, explore both the inside and outside of the home, chat with others who have similar interests, and pick up useful resources.

 This is the first of several 0-energy building tours Greening Greenfield is offering this summer. 

For more information on Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity or Greening Greenfield go to their web sites  and  respectively.