How We Work

URGENCY – There is an urgency to find new ways of living on our plant Earth. But we understand that we are charting new territory, and that change is often difficult. We therefore need to be patient but persistent; keep our eyes open for new opportunities and “unintended consequences;” and adjust our strategy often so that we reach our ultimate goal of sustainability.

SOLUTIONS BASED – We will seek out and promote solutions that have economic, social, political and environmental benefits for our community while also meeting guiding principles of sustainability.

COLLABORATION – We will seek out and form partnerships with residents, businesses and existing groups working toward our common vision. (I.e. Town Government, CDC, Just Roots, CISA, Greenfield Tree Committee, etc.). We will shine a light on all “greening” efforts in the community.

ETHICAL PROCESS – Communications and decisions are transparent (open, clear, easily understood) built on mutual respect, honesty, and trust.


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