Brief History of the GG and the Greening Greenfield Campaign

2005 - The Greenfield Energy Committee (GEC) was formed.

2007 – We changed our name to Greening Greenfield Energy Committee (GGEC) to reflect our broader interests. We formed a partnership with Mayor Forgey and launched the Greening Greenfield Campaign.

Campaign Phase I, 2007

The goal of Phase I of the Greening Greenfield campaign was research our options, and to raise funds so that we could join ICLEI’s Cities for Climate Protection program and conduct a Greenfield Energy Audit, create a brochure, logo, and web site, and hold workshops and events.

We raised over $19,000 through an innovative matching grant from Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC), and investments by Greenfield residents in green electricity.

Phase II, 2007-2009:

The Goal of Phase II was to do a Town-wide energy audit – and set Community goals.

We kicked off Phase II in October 2007, at an Ice Cream Social hosted by Bart’s Homemade Ice Cream and Bart’s Café to thank Mayor Forgey and the many people who invested in the green electricity. We brainstormed what a more sustainable Greenfield could look like, and Carlyn Saltman, documentary videographer captured our ides in an inspiring 3-minute video posted on EarthThrives web site.

We joined ICLEI Cities for Climate Protection program and researched and wrote the Greenfield Energy Audit, which is posted here.

Mayor Forgey set two important goals for 2050. 1) Keep 100% of our energy dollars in the region. 2) Cut climate change emissions by 80%.

We held numerous workshops for homeowners to help them find money to do energy upgrades to their homes, and explored other resources for our community. The Town applied and received FREE energy audits of over 15 of its buildings, and a follow-up grant of approximately $250,000 for energy upgrades. This was the start of many energy upgrades to our municipal buildings that are saving us $$ every day!

Phase III: 2009- 2012

The goal of phase III was to move from “Energy Audit to Action.” The Greenfield Energy Audit motivated us to take the following steps.

1.  In 2009 we created the Greenfield 10% Challenge. Our goal was to encourage 10% of the residents and businesses to reduce their energy use by 10% by the end of 2010, as a first step to our ultimate goals of reducing climate change emissions 80% by 2050, and keeping our energy dollar local! We achieved this, and are now continuing to encourage people to join. We achieved this goal, and are now working on the next 10% of the households. As of the summer of 2012, over 1300 households have joined! 

2.  The Town worked toward “Green Community,” designation – and in 2010 Greenfield was the first in the Massachusetts to be designated! One requirement is that the Town must reduce its municipal energy use by 20% by 2013. In 2012 the town brought a 2 Megawatt solar farm (photovoltaic) on line, which generates about 50% of our municipal electricity, and saves the town about $235,000 annually. To see daily, monthly, yearly production look for useful links on the Town web site www.greenfield-ma.gov. In 2011, GGEC and the Town received the Governor Patrick’s Leading by Example Award for our collaborative efforts. More

3.  GGEC and the Town received a grant to launch its Energy Smart Home program, which offers residents support to find funds to do home energy upgrades. More

4. Collective learning. GGEC continues to bring informative and inspirational films, speakers and workshops to town to foster discussion and colective learning. Our spring film and discussion series has gained a reputation for quality.

5. Changing our name again. To more clearly reflect our broad intersts in sustainability, the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee will now be known simply as Greening Greenfield.

Phase IV: 2012-2015

The goal of phase IV was to work with the Town to create a townwide Plan & continue our work with collective learning and working with youth.

1. In early 2012, the Town Council created a Sustainability Advisory Committee.

2. Fall 2012 The Town  committed to making its next Master Plan a Sustainability Master Plan, and infusing it with the principals of sustainability

3. 2013-14-Many people in Town became engaged in a townwide master planning process. 

4. January 2015, Sustainable Greenfield, Greenfield's master Plan was published.

5. Sustainability Advisory Committees name was changed to the Sustainable Greenfild Implementation Committee

6. Collective learning and Youth programs continued

Phase V: 2016 onward

The goal of phase V is to work with everyone to move Sustainable Greenfield to reality & continue our work with collective learning and working with youth.

See "our Accomplishments" for a LONG version of our activites including film and workshop topics and titles