Community Voices

True patriotism means more than considering yourself by Allen Woods 02-12-17
America is great when we act on principle rather than fear by Adam Hinds 02-12-17
We must all act if we are to save the world by Randy Kehler 02-12-17
Inevitable demise of democracy won't be all Trump's fault by William Newman 02-12-17
Tectonic plates that have supported my understanding of life have shifted by John Bos 02-12-17
Wealthy exercise most political power by Paul Abrahams 02-12-17
Atmosphere at Women's March was overwhelmingly positive & significant by Jeanne Douillard 02-12-17
Rejecting politics fueled by hate by Richie Davis 11-19-16
History's Path to Events at Turners Falls by Howard Clark 11-15-16
Northfield Mtn Pumped Storage, a Renewable Energy Enabler, by Nancy Hazard 11-13-14
Don't miss out on Solar Savings in Greenfield, by Pam Kelly 11-12-14
Denial doesn't work-Climate Change, by Richie Davis 11-12-14
Energy Revolution: The Choice is Ours, by Pat Hynes 11-11-14
Let's get Hooked to Solar, by Sandra Boston 11-04-14
Terror unleashed since dropping of Atomic Bomb - by Pat Hynes 11-03-14
Sign Up for Solar by Anne Perkins 11-03-14
Why I Don't Support the Pipeline by Sen. Elizabeth Warren 11-03-14
Colrain Center Musings - by Muriel Russell 11-03-14
Science Gap-Climate Change by Bill Gran 11-03-14
Don't Let Pipeline Land Here by Reenie Clancy 07-17-14
Natural Gas may not be Best Transition Fuel by Nancy Hazard 07-02-14
Make Skate Park Happen at Hillside Park by Benjamin Miner 06-18-14
Pipeline Not an Answer by Steve Kurkoski 06-07-14
A Garden and its People by Eveline MacDougall 04-19-14
Living with Fukushima by Pat Hynes 03-11-14
Transform Vision Into Reality-What's Next for Sustainable Greenfield by Nancy Hazard 02-08-14
Pave way for skate park: why Hillside Park makes great sense by Benjamin Miner 12-03-13
Curb our plastic appetite: return to reusable bottles, bags by Garrett Connelly 11-19-13
Answer this call to action: resolve rather than contribute to climate change by Nancy Hazard 11-14-13
Practice what we preach: science's failure with climate change by Nathanael Fortune 10-09-13
Resisting the urge to leap: no simple answer to climate change by Bruce Tease 09-27-13
Greenfield in 2050 by Abrah Dresdale 09-17-13
Running out of time: we must act now on climate change by Doug Wight 08-21-13
Our collective addiction: seeing climate change in a different way by John Bos 07-24-13
A turn-key operation: Let's end harmful habit of engine idling by Alden Booth 05-03-13
What will it take for us to wake up and address global climate change?, by John Boss 04-17-13
A Backyard Revolution, by Judy Tufts 04-16-13
Supplying a Path, Greenfield Recorder Editorial 04-04-13
Add your voice to Visions of 2050, by Susan Worgaftik 03-14-13
Home Efficiency, by Ben Garbus 03-11-13
Consume Less, by Sunny Crawford 03-04-13
Consider this road map for our nation’s future, by Nancy Hazard 02-02-13
In the 11th hour, make your voice heard on climate change, by Ceacy Henderson 02-01-13
Facing the Real Threat:Local ways to act on climate change by Pat Hynes 01-22-13
Wake up to global warming, by Bill Gran 12-27-12
Climate change inertia by Jonathan von Ranson 12-18-12
Our Brain Power, by Nancy Hazard 12-11-12
The Master Plan by Recorder Staff 12-01-12
Facing Climate Change by Bill Gran 11-28-12
Rich Life in the Valley, Much going on with sustainability, by Nancy Hazard 11-07-12