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Is it already too late? by John Bos (6/27/2018, Recorder) 

Eliminating the use of Fossil Fuels by Nancy Hazard (6/20/2018, Recorder)

Nothing Guarantees a democracy’s continued existenceby William Newman (6/12/2018, Recorder)

Switching To Renewables Will Save Millions of American Lives by Deb Haaland (5/7/2018 Huffington Post)

Cold winter doesn’t contradict science of climate change by Bill Gran (5/4/2018 Recorder)

Before updating trash collection process, a cost-benefit analysis is long overdue for Greenfield by Mike Pattavina (4/4/2018 Recorder)

 Local hydro facilities can, and should, transition to renewable energy by Nancy Hazard (3/15/2018 Recorder) 

After the storms: Building our green and clean energy future by MA Senator Stan Rosenberg (3/29/2018 Recorder)





0-Energy home tour - Habitat for Humanity

ggec-logo-60Thurs, July 5, 4:30 & 6pm Tours. Visit an affordable 0-Energy home, and meet the people who made it possible. Free. Registrtion required. More, click on title. 

Greening Greenfield Business Meeting

ggec-logo-60Wed, August 8, 6:30-9:00pm. NEXT Business Meeting - click on title for more

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