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December 2011 - Andrew Bowersox

Having taught science in several other school systems before moving to Greenfield, Bowersox is very happy to be at Greenfield High School where he has been given the opportunity to teach a class in Sustainable Energy, an elective course, in addition to his chemistry classes.  He majored in biology in college, with a minor degree in chemistry and a solid grounding in physics.  In 2003 he became interested in energy issues and was inspired to promote energy efficiency as a way to be positive in responding to the changes in world ecology.  In his teaching he believes that reducing our energy use will save our hard-earned dollars in addition to the world’s remaining resources.   He also recognizes that the new field of alternative energies, along with conservation and weatherization programs, will create the new jobs our graduating high school students will need.

This fall students in the Sustainable Energy course are building model generators, wind machines, and even a desktop scale anaerobic digester by hand.   With these projects, they can see that they are able to generate useful energy themselves.  Greenfield High School has supported the science curriculum with the resources needed for classroom projects and constructions.  Bowersox has a multi-step plan he hopes to implement. Last year his students built a parabolic dish solar concentrator (in photo), which could be used to boil water on a cold but sunny day in February.  The wind machines and the anaerobic digesters will be student projects this year.

Bowersox is now seeking to make local connections to set up field trips for his students; to visit a wind turbine site, tour businesses and homes where weatherization and conservation measures have been implemented.

Our students are gaining hands-on experience and the skills to respond to the big challenges ahead.   They can use their imagination and creativity, along with scientific knowledge, to work on solutions to the world’s knotty energy issues.   

Thank you, to the teachers who are in our classrooms every day.

Andrew Bowersox Greening Greenfield Energy Committee’s Decmeber Green Hero.

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