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August 2011 - Kym Rhayne

In addition to sports and other common camp activities at Camp Apex, this year campers learned to plant a garden with 20 different vegetables.  They also planted a second experimental “round garden” of pumpkins that they will harvest and serve at the fall parents’ banquet.  Campers will save some of the vegetable seeds for next year’s gardens. Not only are campers learning to grow vegetables, they are also learning about the benefits of eating a healthy diet of fresh vegetables and fruits.

This garden is only the beginning of Kym's camp dream list.  In the future, she hopes to install a solar array and a windmill to power the camp's energy needs and offer campers hands-on learning about how those technologies function and their many uses.  Kym also envisions a week-long ½ day wilderness camp experience where kids and adults learn survival skills.

Because these ideas require additional funding, Kym is working with the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee to research and write grants to support the educational opportunities that she envisions.  

“I love my job. The YMCA gives me the opportunity to teach a wider range than pencil-and-paper learning, or MCAS-based or other standardized testing settings.”

Kym Rhayne is a green educator on the move…..and our Green Hero for the month of August.