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October 2010 - Mary Siano


“I walk for exercise, solitude, peace, and to get out of my car and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!” says Mary Siano. I also like to walk downtown, and connect with my neighbors. Mary walks at least 90 minutes each day.

“My greatest love is walking in nature. My favorite places are around Poet’s Seat Tower and the new bike path in Turners Falls. I like to start at 11th street and walk south along the canal down to where it ends at the power station. I love the 11th street section because of all the wildlife. I now have a bird book. It is really fun, and I feel good that I’m not using my car and polluting.”

“I also like to walk downtown from our home off of Bernardston Road, but if I don’t have time I drive to a central point, and then walk to do my errands. I like to do this because I’m more likely to run into people and talk with them. It makes me feel connected. I love to visit towns that have pedestrian areas that have no cars - they are wonderful! I’m really excited about Greenfield’s downtown redevelopment, especially the redevelopment of the upper stories into apartments. I think it will increase the number of people downtown, and add to the feeling of excitement and vitality. I worry about sprawl, and what it does to the environment and our downtown. I also love to look at the downtown trees. The new trees planted about 10 years ago are really growing and making the downtown feel great.”

Mary Siano is Greening Greenfield’s Green Hero of the Month because of her commitment to walk where possible, instead of driving, for her health, and the health of the planet. If you would like to suggest a Green Hero, please call 773-7004.

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