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September 2009 – Jesse McMillian

Jesse McMillan has taken environmentalism to heart, “I have always heard about people trying to become more environmentally friendly but it was not too much of a concern to me until our recent studies in school.

Throughout the year we became more knowledgeable on this subject and began to take our own steps toward success.” Although this last year was important, Jesse actually started his environmental career much earlier.  At age 12, he began volunteering at the Greenfield Energy Park, through carpentry, painting, planting, clean ups, taking tickets, as stage crew, all the while discussing issues of sustainability. Last year, as a junior at Greenfield High School, he took the Plants and the Environment Class where science teacher Angela Ruggeri encouraged small group projects to create organized plans to help Greenfield and surrounding towns become more efficient. Jesse’s group realized that plastic bags become litter, kill thousands of marine mammals that mistake floating bags for food and may take up to 1,000 years to break down in landfills. Paper bags, of course, require the cutting of trees that absorb greenhouse gases.

Their answer: The very successful Green Wave reusable shopping bags made of materials that don’t harm the environment during production and don’t need to be discarded after each use.  Jesse’s group realized that “The general public is more interested in actions that will help preserve our earth. Using these bags instead of plastic or paper bags is one of the easiest ways to do something.” We see those “Green Wave Goes Green” bags all over town.

Way to go!!

Think Global, Act Local EarthThrives tells the story of what is Green, Sustainable and Local for the Pioneer Valley, MA!