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April 2009 – Kellie Z.

Kids Lead The Way …

Kellie Z. understands what needs to be done. She is a local hero, now in 
6th grade at Greenfield Middle School. With her classmates she has been 
running experiments in order to understand energy cycles and energy sources.

Even before attending this Extended Learning Time (ELT) class she was 
already practicing ways to reduce her energy use every day. “I am 
worried about global warming.  I use reusable bags when I go shopping, 
and I use an insulated lunch box.  In a few weeks I plan to ride my bike 
to school.” The ELT class made solar cookers out of pizza boxes and 
foil and  they used a solar cooker to demonstrate the power of the sun, 
even in the winter time.  Kellie especially liked using solar panels in 
the classroom to power small electric motors. “We made swirl art on the 
paper discs that were spinning on the shafts of the electric motors.”

After talking about all that she and her classmates have learned about 
energy conservation and power,  Kellie says, “This is perfect.  This 
fits together.  I can make a change.” And she is doing just that.

Think Global, Act Local EarthThrives tells the story of what is Green, Sustainable and Local for the Pioneer Valley, MA!