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March 2009 – Peter and Carol Letson

Small Steps with Big Savings

Peter and Carol Letson, have done many things to make their home more energy efficient but became convinced that doing small things can really make a big difference when they began replacing their incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents.

When they had a home energy audit, done by MassSave through the Center for Environmental Technology, they were given free CFLs. Soon after, they replaced all the bulbs in their house. Carol was surprised by the new lights. “I didn’t want low light due to seasonal affective mood drop. But with CFLs we can save energy and the house is still bright in this gloomy season. AND the bulbs come in a variety of designer styles which look like regular bulbs: 3-way, dimmable, chandelier, globes and floodlights.” Peter added “We started cutting down electrical use by installing power bars everywhere we could. We learned about phantom loads (when you turn your TV or computer off they’re not really off and still leak energy) and saved 20% of our electric bill by doing this.” The change is coming. We are all going to have to cut down on our energy use. “If we do it smart now”, say Peter and Carol, “we can do it without reducing the quality of our lives.” The Letsons are our Local Green Heroes of the month of March, a month of new beginnings with small steps like the bulbs pushing up through the thawing earth.

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