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November 2009 – Center School

On September 17, 2009 Becca King from the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee came to talk to us about the 10% Challenge, global climate change, carbon emissions, and energy conservation. Our 6th grade class decided to survey the public about these issues. {readmorelink}more{/readmorelink}

We brainstormed questions to ask and created a survey. A couple of days later we went on a field trip to downtown Greenfield and surveyed people in the streets about Global Climate Change. We talked to over 200 people in just a few hours! After that we gathered together the data, tallied it and turned it into numbers. Then we each got a question from the survey and graphed the information. Some of the questions were so challenging to graph that some people worked in pairs of two. We each wrote paragraphs interpreting the data on the graphs.

The people that we surveyed were mainly in the age group of 18-65 and were evenly divided between male and female. About half of them were residents of Greenfield. One of the first questions on our survey was “How concerned are you about global climate change?” It was a multiple choice question, where most people answered “Very,” some people answered “Extremely,” and very few people answered “Somewhat” or “Not at all.” Another crucial question was “What’s more important to you—money, energy, or both?” Almost everyone answered “Both,” whereas almost nobody answered “Money.”

Another question was, “What do you currently do to save energy?”  People mostly answered “Heat conservation,” “Recycling and composting,” and “Turning lights off when not in the room.” That question’s counterpart was the question, “What are 3 things you might consider doing to save energy in the future?” Mostly respondents answered, “Change in transportation (less driving, more bikes, etc.),” “Alternative energy sources (wind power, etc.),” and “Water conservation (use less water).”

We also informed people about the Greening Greenfield 10% Challenge. As a result of our survey, many people took time to consider these important issues, and some decided to take the 10% challenge and begin saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.   

Collaboratively written by: Chloe O’Gorman, Duncan Malone, Gus Cantieni, Gunter Edmonds and Jack Samuels 6th Graders at the Greenfield Center School

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