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GGEC Monthly Meeting - Mon, Jan 24

Mon, Jan 24, 6:30pm. NESEA, 50 Miles Street, 2nd Floor

ggec-logo-60We have an exciting and packed agenda! Dorie Clark of Clark Strategic Communications, a member of the Serrafix Team, will be our guest. We will also discuss reports from those thinking about our internal communcations. For full Agenda & handouts click read more

Facilitator: Susan, Scribe: Carol

1.    Future Planning: (90 minutes)
Dorie Clark of Clark Strategic Communications, a member of the Serrafix Team, will be our guest. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Town’s campaign to cut energy use from buildings by 20% by 2020 and about the expertise Serrafix can bring to the table - and share with them what we have done, our passions and our experiences.
a.    Discussion Topics:
i.    Our role in the campaign
ii.    Your concerns and questions
iii.     How can they help us achieve our goals?
Click to learn more about Serrafix, Dorie Clark,  (90 minutes)

2.    GGEC Communications: (20-30 minutes)
A group of people met and developed some ideas that could make our communications better.
a.    Discussion Question: "What are the communications difficulties/challenges you've been having within GGEC?"  Think of solutions you might suggest.
b.    Their proposal - please see below

3.    Think Tank Ideas & Next Steps (20 min)
a.    Think tank ideas
b.    Next meeting topics
c.    Next facilitator    _____________ Scribe:___________________

PS. Also see below for notes from “visioning session” and PR report

Report from group that met about communications: Daria, Kris, Carol
In order to improve on our GGEC communications with all who are on the Comcast e-mail list:

1.  Proposed:  To prepare a news sheet (or letter) to be sent out every two weeks, providing up-to-date info. about decisions/actions/meeting dates/needs & wants
Also: it could include information on related upcoming events that GGEC folks forward for the news sheet.

The newsletter will include a calendar with upcoming meeting dates/events placed on the appropriate month

All updates for the News sheet would be sent by each project contact person to the Comcast e-mail account:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
with the subject line:  Newsletter + month

Each project contact will provide information on  how to connect with that project so that interested persons can join in.

2.  Who will send out this newsletter?

One person each month will offer to do this service.  This will be a rotating responsibility.  That person will go to the Comcast account and collect the messages with the Newsletter subject line for that month

The newsletter will be sent to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. account to all who wish to receive it.   
Question:  Shall we ask ahead of time if folks want to receive this newsletter?

3.  If there is no update for a given project, just use the latest image or text for the next one or two newsletters.

4.  Current projects:  
10% Challenge
Study Group (Long Range Plan for Greenfield)
Transition Town
Film Series
Mapping of Greenfield (Daria will figure out a name)

5.  At the monthly GGEC meeting on Jan. 12, we will ask:
"What are the communications difficulties/challenges you've been having within GGEC?"  Think of solutions you might suggest.

Place this on the agenda that goes out beforehand

GGEC potluck and visioning session, Dec, 2010, at Daria’s house, 11 Park St., as agreed & suggested by Pam Kelly at our last GGEC meeting.. all invited.

Present: Peter & Carol Letson, Nancy Hazard, Pam Kelly, Daria Fisk, Susan Worgaftik, Becca King, Sandra Boston

Closing summary of topics identified through brainstorming/free visioning:
•    Economic Sustainability
•    Community Commitment to Sustainability
•    Community Activism (including w. schools)
•    Transportation
•    Energy-related stuff related to physical structures (nuts and bolts)
•    Kids integrated
•    Water/Food/Local Improvements

Individual brainstorm offerings:

•    All schools cut their energy use 50% by 2080
•    East/West and North/South rail to Greenfield hourly… connect w. Albany/Boston
•    Less than 6% unemployment
•    Sustainable economy (green jobs/local food)
•    Master Plan w. sustainability/resiliency
•    Neighborhoods energized, organized, engaged
•    Deep connection to the Earth as in common values, language, practices, & awareness… Creating a culture of connection.

•    Link up with youth and young adults
•    Active arts message/gatherings/slams
•    Promote ACE in county high schools
•    Help environmental clubs in schools
•    Public education: films, panels, etc.
•    Locally owned utility
•    Community solar panel purchase
•    Renewable energy ____?__   day (oops can’t read my notes)
•    Home heating alternatives info.
•    Coordinated info/calendar

•    2012 New master plan
•    Walking and walkable downtown
•    Listing of all things happening in Greenfield
•    Youth led tours
•    By 2020 Greenfield is s Green town model w. conference center, tours by kids who also lead workshops (in old renovated theaters)
•    System of B & B’s for eco-tourist village (becomes an economic plus)
•    Thriving youth organizing
•    By 2015 have a  $5 million deep energy retrofit loan fund

•    Awareness of issues increases as fuel prices increase
•    Avoid panic by making progress on decreasing perceived energy needs
•    People become better neighbors

•    All dwellings and buildings weatherized
•    Building codes rewritten
•    Water delivery system infrastructure improved and repaired

•    Gardens and farms sufficient to share food w. neighboring towns
•    Overall financial and social adequacy for all residents

•    Food and food processing become one of the big drivers of the economy
•    Lots of different groups are working toward common goals (happily)
•    We have serious data, but without the pain currently associated with it (no tears)
•    Developed good visuals/images for easy understanding of sustainability

•    Encompass the entire region (county)
•    Substantially use & integrate the arts into our efforts and use them for community-building and a spirit of celebration
•    Multiple groups actively and consciously complement each other’s efforts
•    Develop a spirit of play, w. contests, physical manifestations, seeable, touchable

Comments:  To me & I think to others this felt festive, fun,  generative, and productive, and I think we inspired each other with the rich array of ideas and visions… Plus we had a yummy meal, so thanks to all for participating and sharing your thoughts, passions, and culinary skills.

Notetaker: Daria --PS Feel free to add or otherwise amend these notes.  They are based on our big newsprint sheets.  

PR Report...for JAN (December news)
GGEC Stuff (in Recorder unless noted otherwise
Dec 8 - Hero Mary Walsh, Magical Child
Dec 9 - NEW One-stop-shopping resource - find $$ for energy upgrade
Dec ?? - monthly 10% Challenge e-letter
Dec 17 - Town Crier: Winserts Workshop
Dec 17 - Winsert Workshop
Jan 12 - 10% Challenge Success - Full Page Ad + article

GGEC PR --news going out soon:

Greenfield Energy Report Card
Year end e-report & request for $$
10% Hero
10% tip e-letter
?NEW web site launched
?EPA grant received
March & April Speakers (in collaboration with PVI)

Misc stuff in the news that pertains to our work:

-Wendell - cannot live without elec--state law - need for "Right to Live Simply Act"???
- Leverett - creates Peace Commission -- that ultimately educates and embraces sustainability! (ftront page lead article)
- Shelb Falls eateries form "compost colaborative" to "save $$" Amy Donovan quoted
-New Salem-Plan for zero fossil fuels& way to fund effort (Ricardo Conde, of Regen spear heading solar effort)
-Cape wind - have sold only half of its elec. NStar not buying
- NE wind study - 24% of our needs could be met with wind
-Fed OKd: Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (will replace junk food in school lunches & vending machines, and repalce with healthful plant-based stuff
- Ethanol- Al Gore admits support of corn ethanol was not because he thought it was a good idea, but to get votes from mid-west
-climate chage / loss of land / where people go? identity? - front page!
- Repeal of don't ask, don't tell
- Nuclear arms reduction agreement - US & Russia

Minutes will be posted here