Greenfield 10% Challenge Challenges Participants to Recruit One More Household for Final Stretch

Over 800 households are saving money and energy in their homes, because they have taken the Greenfield 10% Challenge. They have pledged to reduce their energy use by 10%. As we near the end of 2010, and the Campaign’s deadline,

Greening Greenfield Energy Committee, creator of the Campaign, invites others to join and get Greenfield over the 1000 household mark.

In April 2009, Greening Greenfield set a goal of signing up 10% of Greenfield households to reduce their energy use by 10% by the end of 2010. The 10% Campaign is now visible all over town with green lawn signs sprinkled in front yards of homeowners, windows of renters and downtown stores, and at the doorway to Town Hall. The campaign offers people a chance to sign a pledge and in exchange they received a beautiful lawn sign, and a list of Easy Things To Do, designed to give them ideas of how to lower their energy use and save money at the same time.

The Easy Things To Do handout includes a list of lifestyle changes that have little to no cost, and information about how to get a free assessment of their energy use in their homes and receive the rebates that Mass Save and others offer to get the work done. Greening Greenfield is working to make Greenfield a town where conservation of energy is something everyone does, much like recycling. This makes everyone who lives here a little more independent in the face of higher energy costs, especially in the winter.

“We are working to change our culture from one of wide-spread consumption of energy to one of mindful conservation”, said Becca King co-chair of the campaign. “Now, in our last month of phase one of this campaign, we are asking every person who has already joined to sign up just one more person by the end of the year. This will push us over the top to 1000 households.”  

The names of folks who sign on an additional person will be entered into a drawing for prizes donated by the Solar Store, Home Depot, Western Mass Electric Company, and the Wagon Wheel and Magpie restaurants. In keeping with our theme, individuals have also donated inspiring books on energy savings and sustainable living to the drawing.

But you don’t need to be already signed up to participate! Everybody can sign up by going to the Greening Greenfield website at and click on the 10% Challenge lawn logo or you can call 773-7004 to get a copy of the Easy Things to Do and sign up.

“As we share this holiday season, our thoughts move to keeping our families and friends safe and healthy. Joining the 10% Campaign acknowledges that in these difficult economic times, we can protect our resources and support sustainable lifestyles for us all” said Susan Worgaftik, co-chair of the Campaign.

The Greenfield 10% Challenge is a program of the Greening Greenfield campaign, which aims to use ‘greening’ as the inspirational and economic engine to build a sustainable Greenfield so current and future generations can enjoy life in this beautiful, abundant valley.

To sign up, or for more information on the Greening Greenfield campaign, call 773-7004, email or go to

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