Greenfield 10% Challenge: New Year’s Celebration & Resolutions.

January 12, 2010 – Start the year off with your family and friends with laughter, song, food and information, and join with your neighbors to make a New Year’s Energy Resolution! It’s free at the Greenfield 10% Challenge New Year’s Celebration. {readmorelink}more {/readmorelink}

Greenfield 10% Challenge New Year’s Celebration & Resolutions
Sunday, January 17, 2-5 pm at the 2nd Congregational Church

If you have not yet signed up for the 10% Challenge, this event will be a great opportunity to do so. Special activities will be offered for children.

Over 400 households have taken the Greenfield 10% Challenge and pledged to reduce their energy use by 10% by the end of 2010. This marks the halfway point to the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee’s goal of engaging 800 households in the campaign.

“This event will be a great opportunity to meet your neighbors who are taking the 10% Challenge, or thinking about taking it, and feel the optimism and excitement of being part of this community effort,” said Susan Worgaftik, co-creator of the 10% Challenge, and member of the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee. “In addition to sharing food and songs we will have time to swap stories about the challenges and successes we have had to date – and to make a New Year’s 10% Challenge Resolutions."

“Greening Greenfield would like to thank the people who have committed to reduce energy by signing the 10% Challenge,” says Becca King, co-creator of the Challenge. “They are the heroes of our time who are willing to make small and large sacrifices to change our relationship to the planet. In the last year 433 have made this pledge and we wish to invite them and their family and friends to this Gala Celebration. We hope to double our numbers of this important community-wide movement this year “

Vi Walker, well know for her laughter workshops and her role as Posey the Clown, and popular singer-songwriters Russ Thomas and Lenny Zarcone will kick-off the event with song and laughter. After making and sharing 10% Challenge New Year’s resolutions, veteran singer-songwriters Pat & Tex LaMountain will lead the group in a closing sing-along. Refreshments donated by Foster’s Supermarket, Green Field’s Market, and Pierce Brothers Coffee, and Greening Greenfield Energy Committee members will be served.

The Greenfield 10% Challenge is a program of the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee (GGEC), co-creator of the Greening Greenfield campaign. The campaign aims to use “greening” as the inspirational and economic engine to build a sustainable Greenfield so that current and future generations can enjoy life in this beautiful abundant valley. For more information go to or call 773-7004.



FOR RELEASE: January 12, 2010 for 1/17/10 event

CONTACTS: Becca King, Co-creator, 10% Challenge & GGEC co-chair … 413-773-7004
Susan Worgaftik, Co-creator, 10% Challenge & GGEC member … 413 577-2956


Greenfield receives Leading By Example Award from Governor Patrick for our 'greening' efforts