Town Recieves Grant for Greening Greenfield Campaign

February 18, 2010 – The Town received an $8,000 grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) for the Greening Greenfield campaign, a collaborative effort of the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee and the Town of Greenfield.

The grant was awarded to match the investment that Greenfield residents have made in the New England Wind Fund, which is the only green electricity choice option in Greenfield. The grant will enable the Greening Greenfield campaign to move to the next level, and for the Town to apply for a new one million dollar grant given to “Green Communities” in Massachusetts.

“We are incredibly grateful to the many people who have made this grant possible, and to the Town for its collaboration with the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee,” said Nancy Hazard, co-chair of the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee (GGEC). “We are heartened by the hundreds of people who have joined the campaign by taking the 10% Challenge, come to our many events, and worked with us to make Greenfield a better, and more sustainable place to live. This grant will help us take the campaign to the next level.”

This grant is the second and last grant that the Town will receive for the Greening Greenfield campaign from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. The previous grant of $11,000 made it possible to launch and run the campaign. The present $8,000 grant will enable the campaign to grow the Greenfield 10% Challenge and for the Town to apply for Green Communities designation.

“We are thrilled to receive this grant,” said Bill Martin, Mayor of Greenfield.  “I would like to thank GGEC and the many Greenfield residents who made this grant possible. I would also like to thank GGEC and Town Staff for their hard work on documenting Town energy use and writing the Greenfield Energy Audit. It is this work that will enable us to apply for Green Communities designation and the one million dollar grant, which will help us meet our budget.”

Green Communities is an initiative of the State of Massachusetts that encourages Towns to decrease their energy use and foster renewable energy. To be eligible to apply for a one million dollar grant, the Town must apply to be a “Green Community,” and commit to reducing the energy used in government operations and to supporting new renewable energy industry and generation. The grant can be used to reduce energy costs of town buildings and for other Town clean energy projects.

Over the past three years, the Greening Greenfield campaign has become a highly visible effort to improve the quality of life in Greenfield by reducing energy costs. It uses “greening” as the inspirational and economic engine to help build a more sustainable Greenfield for current and future generations.

In 2007, Mayor Forgey launched the Greening Greenfield campaign with the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee (GGEC), and then signed the Town up for ICLEI’s Cities for Climate Protection program. GGEC then worked closely with the Department of Public Works on researching and writing the Greenfield Energy Audit. The Audit found that in 2008 Greenfield residents and businesses spent over $86 million on energy of which approximately $67 million left the community. The Audit is posted on the Greening Greenfield web site at

The Audit inspired GGEC to launch the most visible aspect of the Greening Greenfield campaign, called the Greenfield 10% Challenge. The 10% Challenge invites residents to commit to reducing their energy use by 10% by the end of 2010, and in exchange for their commitment they receive beautiful lawn sign.  Over the past few years, GGEC members have also brought speakers, workshops, a giant puppet show, and a film series to town.

The $8,000 grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative will be used to   continue the Greening Greenfield campaign including the10% Challenge, application for “Green Communities Designation,” and other public events that inspire us and give us the tools we need to transition to wise energy use.

For more information on the Greening Greenfield campaign, go to, and under “useful links” on the home page, click on the Greening Greenfield campaign or call 413-774-5667.


FOR RELEASE: Feb 18, 2010   

CONTACT: Nancy Hazard, Co-chair, Greening Greenfield Energy Committee …413-774-5667
William Martin, Mayor of Greenfield … 413 772-1560#


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