Greenfield Hires Energy Service Company (ESCO) To do In-Depth Energy Audits on Thirteen Buildings First Step Toward Energy Reductions



Mayor Christine Forgey, Town of Greenfield              


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Nancy Hazard, Co-chair, Greening Greenfield Energy Committee   


Greenfield Hires Energy Service Company (ESCO)
To do In-Depth Energy Audits on Thirteen Buildings
First Step Toward Energy Reductions

GREENFIELD, MA – Today, Greenfield signed a contract with Siemens Building Technologies to have in-depth energy audits on thirteen town-owned buildings. This is a major step that could lead to energy reductions of 25-30%, and reduce the escalation of the cost of energy in future years. It is also an important milestone in the Greening Greenfield campaign.


“I am really pleased that we have signed a contract with Siemens,” said Christine Forgey, Mayor of Greenfield, MA. “Over the past year, we have worked hard with the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee and others to analyze our energy use. This in-depth audit will help the Town make some final decisions as to what it wants to do to improve our buildings, avoid rising energy costs, and improve the environment.”


“Siemens has made a great offer to fast track the Four Corners School audit and the ESCO project,” said Dr. Susan Hollins, Superintendent of Schools. “We look forward to working with them so that we can immediately begin energy improvements for our re-opening this September.”


Siemens Building Technologies is an energy service company (ESCO) that offers performance contracting that includes auditing, financing, construction, and maintenance. The Town of Greenfield has signed a contract for in-depth energy audits to be done on eight school buildings, and five Town buildings. Buildings include the North Parish School, High School, Newton Street School, Federal Street School, Middle School, Four Corners School, Green River School, Davis Street Administration Building, Teen Center, Fire Station, Town Hall, and Police Station


After performing the in-depth energy audits, Siemens will present their findings and recommendations to the Town. The Town will then review the audits and decide on a building by building basis which projects it wishes to pursue. The work that the Town contracts to be done on the buildings and the audits will be paid for out of the energy savings, so there would not be any up-front costs to the Town. If the savings do not cover the project payments, Siemens is responsible for the shortfall.


“It has been a pleasure to work with Mayor Forgey and her staff on the Greening Greenfield campaign and on this project,” said Nancy Hazard, Co-chair of the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee. “I am really pleased that the contract has been signed before Mayor Forgey’s term as Mayor expires on July 1!”


The Greening Greenfield campaign is a collaborative effort of the Town of Greenfield and the citizen Greening Greenfield Energy Committee (GGEC). The campaign aims to revitalize Greenfield using “greening” as the inspirational and economic engine that will help build a sustainable Greenfield so that current and future generations can enjoy life in this beautiful abundant valley. To find out about how to get involved in its most recent campaign, the Greenfield 10% Challenge, and more go to or call (413) 773-7004.


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