The One Gallon Challenge


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Cars you’ve never seen before will start trip to Boston in Greenfield, MA

CAMDEN, ME - Greenfield, MA, nestled in the Connecticut River valley, is 100 miles west of Boston. Could a safe, comfortable car be designed and then driven from there to Boston using the amount of energy stored in a single gallon of gasoline? This summer, we'll find out!

On Wednesday, August 19 the public and press will be invited to inspect an unusual gaggle of next-generation cars in downtown Greenfield, and the following morning the checkered flag will signal the start of an unusual race.

These high-efficiency cars must get to Boston's Greenfest, at City Hall Plaza, using as little fuel as possible. Some will be electrics, some hybrids, and others will use diesel or gasoline for fuel. But all the cars will display how much energy they used for the trip while they are on display at Greenfest on Friday and Saturday, August 21-22. (

“At this point, we’re looking for cars to participate.” says Jory Squibb, organizer of the event. “It doesn't necessarily take new technology to produce a 100 MPG vehicle.”

The three vehicles already entered use light weight, excellent aerodynamics, and small engines to achieve exceptional energy efficiency. Dirigo, a diesel-powered three-wheeler, recently took second place at Watkins Glen' s Green Grand Prix acheiving 89.9 mpg. Roo Trimble's sleek "Roopod" is also a diesel-powered three-wheeler. See for details. Squibb’s own entry, Moonbeam, may take some yoga to be comfortable in, but has already traveled 10,000 miles at 100 MPG.  

But hold your hats, we expect several contestants from the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE, which is offering multi-million dollar prizes in 2010 to vehicles that get more than 100 mpg.  Many of these cars will go far beyond traditional concepts and some are already in limited production.

The Greening Greenfield Energy Committee (GGEC) is co-sponsoring the One Gallon Challenge in Greenfield, MA. “For car geeks and consumers this will be a fabulous opportunity to see futuristic vehicles,” said Nancy Hazard, co-chair of GGEC and former director of the Tour de Sol. “We are hoping that everyone will start asking for 100 mpg or better cars, so that quality energy efficient cars are available so that we will need less gasoline from foreign countries and that we all emit less damaging climate change emissions.”

GGEC is a citizen committee that works closely with the Town of Greenfield to build a more sustainable future. It recently launched the Greenfield 10% Challenge to encourage people to reduce their energy use by  10% by the end of 2010. “Using fuel efficient vehicles, or choosing to walk or bike, is a great way to meet the Challenge,” said Becca King, Co-chair of the Challenge. (

Mark you calendars Today!  Aug 19-20 in Greenfield, or Aug 21-22 at Boston’s Greenfest at City Hall Plaza. If you have a car to enter, write to Jory Squibb at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more details and updates on the One Gallon Challenge, see


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