Bob Pacquette, Host of WFCR’S Morning Edition: To Moderate Mayoral Debate on Sustainability



Nancy Hazard, Co-chair, Greening Greenfield Energy Committee       

Bob Pacquette, Host of WFCR’S Morning Edition:

To Moderate Mayoral Debate on Sustainability

Tuesday, May 19, 7:00-8:30 p.m. on GCTV


GREENFIELD, MA – Bob Paquette, host of WFCR’s Morning Edition, will moderate the final Mayoral debate on Greenfield Community Television, on Tuesday, May 19, from 7:00 to 8:30pm. The debate will be shown live on Tuesday on Channel 15. The topic will be sustainability.  The questions for the debate have been gathered from Greenfield residents, business people and civic leaders by the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee.

So what does sustainability have to do with the Mayoral Election? “Sustainability is that sweet spot where economic development, social equity, and environmental issues intersect,” said Nancy Hazard, Co-chair of the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee. “We would like to see sustainability as the economic and inspirational engine to revitalize Greenfield, and we are offering the Mayoral candidates an opportunity to discuss their underlying philosophy, and what they would do to help revitalize Greenfield in these challenging times.”

The most commonly accepted definition of sustainability was published in 1987 in the Brundtland Commission. It says “Sustainability is a system of thinking that strives to meet present economic, social and environmental needs without compromising future generation’s ability to meet their own needs.”

According to the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee, sustainability has to do with just about everything from land use and agriculture, to transportation, business, education, health care, and arts and entertainment.  The ultimate goal of the group is to ensure clean air and water, food for all, and zero emissions and waste.

People are urged to come early to Greenfield Community Television, at 393 Main Street, for a seat. Refreshments will be served. GGEC encourages everyone to join with their friends and neighbors to watch the debate on GCTV, and discuss their thoughts about which candidate would be the best person to lead Greenfield for the next three years.


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