Greening Greenfield 10% Challenge Fundraiser Monday, May 4, 5 - 8 pm at Hope & Olive, in Greenfield

FOR RELEASE:   April 29, 2009


Nancy Hazard, WorldSustain & Co-chair, Greening Greenfield

Pam Kelly, GGEC member & fundraising chair                


Becca king, co-chair 10% Challenge                    


Greening Greenfield 10% Challenge Fundraiser

Monday, May 4, 5 - 8 pm at Hope & Olive, in Greenfield


GREENFIELD, MA – Greening Greenfield is holding a Greenfield 10% Challenge sign-up party and fundraiser at Hope & Olive’s soup and game night on Monday, May 4, from 5-8 pm. The recently launched Greenfield 10% Challenge invites residents to save 10% on their energy bills and, at the same time, cut energy use and climate change emissions by 10%. The funds raised will go to the Franklin County Home Care Corp to help elders make energy improvements to their homes.

If you join the Greenfield 10% Challenge at Hope and Olive on Monday, May 4, you can take home one of the beautiful 10% Challenge lawn signs so that you can let your friends and neighbors know that you are part of this fun campaign.”

“There are many easy, no cost and low cost things that people can do to join the 10% Challenge,” says Becca King, co-chair of the challenge, and member of the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee. “We have also found that many homeowners want to take the giant step of cutting their heating bills by 10-70%.”

“While there are some great programs to help people invest in their homes, such as Community Actions programs for income eligible people, and utility programs that are offered to all customers,” said Pam Kelly, chair of the fundraiser, “we have found that many elders cannot take advantage of the utility companies $2000 grant program, because they cannot afford the cost share. The funds we raise tonight will go to the Franklin County Home Care Corp to help elders with this cost share.”

You do not have to be a homeowner, however, to get involved. There are many easy, no cost and low cost things that people can do to save money and join the Greenfield 10% Challenge. For example if you made a commitment to do 3 to 5 of the following things, you could take the 10% Challenge. You could choose to drive the speed limit, wash clothes in cold water and then put them outside to dry, put on a sweater instead of turning up the thermostat, use a cloth bag when shopping instead of asking for a bag each time, drink tap water instead of buying bottled water, turn out the lights when not using them, take shorter showers, and replace light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent. These ideas and many more are posed on the web site. On the web site, there is also a link to a fun calculator that helps you develop a personal action plan, and tells you how much money you will save, and how much you will reduce your climate change emissions.

“The Greening Greenfield campaign aims to create fun ways that we can improve Greenfield’s economy while also cutting our climate change emissions,” says Nancy Hazard, co-chair of the Campaign. “When doing the Greenfield Energy Audit we found that over $67 million dollars left our community in just one year because of our energy use. With simple behavioral changes, and investments in our homes, we can significantly reduce this flow of money out of our community.”

Since its inception in 2007, Greening Greenfield has held Low Carbon Diet action study groups, workshops on how to save money on home heating bills, helped write the Greenfield Energy Audit, and brought experts to town to help us understand the opportunities and issues around the use of biomass from our forests to generate electricity and heat for our community.

The Greening Greenfield campaign is a collaborative effort of the citizen committee, the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee (GGEC), and the Town of Greenfield. The campaign is using “greening” to as the inspirational engine to build a sustainable Greenfield so that current and future generations can enjoy life in this beautiful abundant valley. To find out more about how to take the Greenfield 10% Challenge and get a lawn sign, and  to get a list of over 30 simple things you can do to reduce your energy costs, or sign up for a free utility energy audit, go to or call 773-7004.

Greening Greenfield’s Hope and Olive soup and game night fundraiser is supported by Hope & Olive, WRSI, Apex Orchards, Bart’s Café, Bread Euphoria, China Gourmet, el Jardin, and Green Fields Market.


Greenfield receives Leading By Example Award from Governor Patrick for our 'greening' efforts